Webster Union Cemetery offers traditional earthen burial services. This service provides a respectful and time-honored way to lay loved ones to rest. Families can choose from various serene and dignified burial locations within the cemetery, ensuring a fitting final resting place. Our staff assists with all necessary arrangements, ensuring a smooth and respectful process during this difficult time.

Having a final resting place provides a dedicated space for loved ones to visit, offering a sense of connection and continuity. It becomes a place of reflection and remembrance, allowing family and friends to feel close to the deceased, celebrate their life, and process their grief in a tangible way. This physical location can be a comforting and meaningful part of the mourning process and a lasting tribute to a loved one's life.

Visitors are encouraged to visit and view potential burial locations at the cemetery. Our staff at Webster Union Cemetery is known for being helpful and compassionate, assisting with arranging the date and time of the burial. Please contact us if you have any questions or are interested in visiting the cemetery.

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The cemetery is run by a Board of Directors, not the Town of Webster.

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