The Webster Union Cemetery invites you to Adopt-A-Grave.

In doing so, you will help in maintaining the grave and thereby also improve the appearance of the Cemetery. Maintenance of a grave may be as little as weeding the plot from time to time, or perhaps planting flowers and trimming the grass surrounds. In addition, the person taking care of the grave may choose to research the person buried within, and become the foremost expert of that person’s life. Collected information would be added to the cemetery history page on our website.

The Volunteer understands and agrees that the Cemetery shall not be liable for injury to the Volunteer.

Approval to proceed may only be granted by a Cemetery official upon completion by the official of a review of the grave and the plan of work intended. Cleaning of the monuments or reconstruction work will not be allowed. The grave site must comply with Cemetery Rules & Regulations.

You can also download the Adopt-A-Grave pdf application to mail in here. Print the form, complete the required sections, and return it to the Secretary, c/o 649 Holt Road Webster, NY 14580. The form will then be forwarded to a Cemetery official who will carry out a review of the lot and your plan of work before arranging to discuss your proposals for maintenance of the grave. Neither cleaning of the monuments, nor reconstruction work, will be permitted. The grave site must comply with cemetery Rules & Regulations.

There is no limit to the number of graves a person may adopt, nor how many people may be involved in one adoption, but each adoption application must be accompanied by a separate signed form.

Please Note: The Adopt-A-Grave program does not supersede the natural rights of persons who maintain the graves of family members. We offer encouragement to and for families of those interred in Webster Union Cemetery, to refresh and renew their interests in their local and family history.

Call us at 585-265-2890 or
email through our secure contact page.

The cemetery is run by a Board of Directors, not the Town of Webster.

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