Webster Union Cemetery Inc. Webster, New York, and all property belonging there to, shall be under the care and control of the Board of Directors who shall regulate the sales and prices of lots therein, and make such Rules and Regulations for the Cemetery as they deem proper, consistent with the state law which this corporation is formed.


A. Hours of the cemetery are from sun up to sun down.

B. No burial shall be made in the cemetery or placement of remains in winter storage vault, without a permit issued by the Secretary of the Corporation, or other officer of the Board.

C. No permit shall be issued to any person who cannot establish the right of burial.

D. Webster Union Cemetery allows the burial of cremated domestic pets, in addition to 4 human burials in a single grave or niche. If concurrent with a human burial, there will be no charge. If not concurrent with the burial of human remains, ½ of a human burial fee will be charged. The number of cremated pets will be limited to space available.

E. No permission for body storage or burial shall be granted unless all lot sales and interment fees are paid in full.

F. Graves will not be opened during severe weather or other similar circumstances, in accordance with Section 1510-b of the NFPL. Bodies received at this time will be placed in the receiving vault until conditions allow for burial.

G. All bodies left in the vault after May 15th, will be removed and interred. If not entitled to burial in a family plot, they will be interred in a single grave. The expense of such interment shall be borne by those who caused the body to be placed in the vault. Only such notice shall be given in this case as shall be practical under the circumstances.

H. Before any burial shall have been made in any grave or if all the bodies therein have been lawfully removed, the grave owner(s) may sell or convey such grave subject to the prior approval of the Cemetery. Such approval shall not be granted unless the owner(s) of such grave shall have offered such grave to the cemetery within one years prior to the application for such approval, in writing by certified and regular mail, at the price paid therefore by the grave owner(s), together with simple interest at the rate of four per centum per annum from the date of the deed to such owner(s), and the Cemetery shall have failed to accept such offer within ninety (90) days after the making thereof.


No person shall dig any grave; put up a fence, bench or other object at a grave; or erect any structure at the cemetery; except with permission, and under the direction, of the Directors at a meeting as recorded in the minutes.


All monuments, tablets or markers shall be erected, only after due permission, and under the direction of the Directors, and shall meet the following requirements:

A. All must be erected at the head of the grave or graves, except in the cremains section. There may only be one upright monument per grave. There is a limit of two monuments, tablets or markers on any grave (whether flush with the ground, up to two inches above grade or upright. Any flat marker (up to two inches higher than grade) may be placed adjacent to, and in front of, any upright marker. However, any Government Military (flat) Marker may be placed at the foot of the grave, flush with the ground on special request.

B. All must be placed on concrete foundations, having dimensions two inches greater in length and breadth, than the base of the marker, and extended to a depth of three feet. No monument shall be more than four feet above the ground.

C. All foundations shall be installed by the Corporation, at cost to the lot owner, to be established by the Corporation.

D. Grave owners are responsible for the maintenance of their monuments.

E. Excepting Government supplied Veterans Markers; all monuments must be delivered and simultaneously installed by the monument company. No Internet sales of monuments will be accepted.

F. The following burials are allowed in one full grave, subject to Superintendent approval, (due to concerns on depth or vault integrity): 1 adult casket & 1, 2 or 3 cremains; 1, 2, 3 or 4 cremains (alone); 1 baby casket & 1, 2, or 3 cremains; 2 baby caskets and 1 or 2 cremains; 1 adult casket, 1 baby casket and 1 or 2 cremains.

G. The number of human inurnments in a cremain niche will be limited to Two (2). In addition, cremated pets will be accepted if space allows. There will be no charge for insertion of pet cremains in a niche concurrent with human cremain insertion. If not concurrent the fee will be ½ of the fee for insertion of human cremains. Only inscriptions of inurned persons will be allowed on niche doors.


No person shall willfully or maliciously destroy, mutilate, write upon, soil, deface, or injure any monument, gravestone, stake, object or any other structure placed in the Cemetery, or any fence or railing for the protection of the Cemetery, except under the direction of the Directors or their agent. Violators of this rule shall be liable for any damages.


No person shall leave or cause to be left, any stone, dirt, or other refuse matter within the cemetery except in such place of the directors or their agent may designate.


A. No planting of trees, shrubs, bushes or evergreens shall be anywhere in the cemetery, except with the permission of the directors.

B. Plantings of bushes, shrubs and flowers need to remain in front of the monument at a height no greater than 18” and 18” in circumference.


No person shall wantonly or willfully remove, break, pluck or destroy any decoration, memento, embellishment, bush, flower, or plant, which has been lawfully placed in the cemetery.


A. The directors reserve the right to remove, after due notice to the lot owner, any effigy, decoration, memento, embellishment, bench, bush, flower, plant or inscription which has not been installed in accordance with these rules and regulations.

B. The directors further reserve the right to remove, after due notice to the lot owner, any decoration, memento, embellishment, bench, bush, flower, plant or inscription which, in the opinion of the majority of the trustees or directors, is unsightly, offensive or dangerous.

C. Christmas/Hanukah Decorations may be removed by the Cemetery without (further) notice, after March 15th. All other holiday decorations will be removed forty-five (45) days after the end of the holiday.


Only metal, plastic and stoneware containers for cut or artificial flowers, shall be used in the cemetery. These may only be set in or on the ground, with a total height not to exceed four (4) feet in height, and be within the confines of the plot. No glass container may be used for any purpose because of the danger of injury from broken glass.


Decorations, mementos, and embellishments for gravesites shall not extend beyond eighteen 18 inches in front of monuments and be no higher than four (4) feet. Decorations, mementos and embellishments may include lights, which may be solar, candle or battery-powered, and be no higher than eighteen (18) inches.


No person shall excavate any earth, or alter the grade of any lot or walk in the cemetery, nor remove any earth there from. No marble chips, gravel, stones, bricks, plastic, wood, metal, edging or fiberglass liners shall be permitted.


Nothing is to be placed behind the monument.


No person shall drive any vehicle into or on the cemetery property except a road maintained by the cemetery for this purpose. Cemetery roads may not be maintained from January 1 to the end of that winter’s season, dependent on weather conditions, excepting a road providing ingress and egress directly between the public roads and the cemetery office building. No unlicensed recreational vehicle is permitted at any time.


No person shall discharge any firearm in the cemetery except during Military Services.


No person shall catch, wound or kill any animal or bird, nor disturb any bird’s nest or eggs there in the cemetery.


There will be no fires or open flames on cemetery property, nor shall any fire or flame be launched from the cemetery property. Chinese Lanterns are banned, whether stationary or floating.


No alcoholic beverages shall be possessed consumed or placed in the cemetery.


Concrete vaults or concrete grave liners will be required for full body interments in all graves purchased on or after January 1, 1985, in accordance with the provisions of cemetery Board Directive 201.6.


Each cremain burial plot shall be 3-1/2 feet by 5 feet, and each may have 1 infant and 1 cremain or 2 cremain burials on a plot. Cremated pet remains will be allowed as space allows. Since the monuments when erected will be 3 feet or less in width, they will be restricted to a height of 2 feet or less. Monuments shall be placed back-to-back to leave space for maintenance.


Infants or small children may be buried in containers not over 36” (inches) in the cremain/Infant section.


The interment of cremated remains will be permitted only in appropriate rigid receptacles made of metal, concrete, fiberglass, marble or plastic. Disinterment of cremated remains shall follow the same rules as for disinterment of a body. Disinterment of a body requires the prior execution of the Cemetery’s “Authorization and Release for Removal” and “Disinterment Procedures & Waiver” by the required party/parties.


All lot owners are required to notify the cemetery of any change of address. All notices required to be sent shall be sent to the last recorded address and such notices shall be deemed adequate.


Violations of the above rules and regulations shall be prosecuted as provided by law.


George Baker, President

Melissa Baker, Secretary

Revised 6/5/2023

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